Tickets Terms of Purchase is a third party ticketing service. We do not operate these events and cannot control unforeseen circumstances which may occur at an event. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as this is a binding contract between yourself and By marking the Terms & Condition agreement and by completing your transaction you are agreeing to the terms of purchase. By purchasing tickets using the stripe checkout you are agreeing to our terms of purchase. 

Ticket fees


Ticket Fees are ($1.25+2.5%) Per Ticket & Capped at $10 + Credit card Processing fee (2.9% +.50)

Low fees for Tickets $5 or less ($.25 Per Ticket + Credit card Processing fee (2.9% +.50)

Refund Policy


All sales are final. There are no refunds, no cancellations, no credits, no exchanges, and no transfers after the order has been made. Unforeseen circumstances beyond control will not be grounds for a refund, including but not limited to the following: local or national weather conditions, natural disasters & disease pandemics , waiting in lines, family and medical emergencies.

Promoters, Venue owners, Security and Event Staff have the right to refuse entry to any ticket holder, without a refund, for any reason at their discretion, including but not limited to: disorderly behavior, intoxication, venue capacity, breach of security restrictions. Ticket holder is aware that the Venue and Talent are subject to change. Ticket holder is aware that amenities promised by promoters are not guaranteed by and are not grounds for a refund, including but not limited to: VIP amenities, drink specials, gifts, express entry, special areas, and celebrity guests.

Canceled Events


If the event is canceled you will receive a refund for the face value of the ticket, service fee, shipping, and other fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. If the service fee is not listed, it may be embedded into the price of the ticket. To inquire about the amount of an embedded service fee, please contact customer support by clicking the Contact Us link at the bottom of the website and use our online message system to send a message to Customer Support. Tickets purchased using the PayPal checkout are refunded by the event producer through PayPal. Tickets purchased at a retail outlet must be refunded at the retail outlet.

Postponed Events


If the event is postponed, you are eligible for a refund for the face value of the ticket, however you must submit an e-mail inquiry within five business days of the originally scheduled event requesting a refund, and mail any hard tickets back to, or to the event producer if the event used the PayPal checkout. The tickets must be received five days before the newly scheduled event in order to receive a refund, failure to do so will waive your right to a refund. Tickets purchased at a retail outlet must be refunded at the retail outlet.

Bingo Events

Virtual Bingo Cards & Games

  1. On this website you can produce virtual bingo cards which can be sent out electronically to individual players.
  2. Editing, altering or copying our virtual bingo cards is not permitted.
  3. Players may play their virtual bingo card in their web browser, or on a mobile phone or other device.
  4. Do not modify the virtual bingo
  5. Do not make derivative works or use any parts of our virtual bingo cards.
  6. Do not save our virtual bingo cards or store them in any digital format.
  7. You may not sell our virtual bingo cards, either in digital or printed format.
  8. Please check your email & password to make sure you can access the game in advance & report any inssues at least 2 hours before the game start. Go2fete has no control over persons entering  wrong passworrds or email.. If you forgot your password click this link to reset it to avaid getting lock out of your account
  9. All games are final & prizes will be shared if there is more than one winner for the game. 
  10. Please ensure you have good internet connection on whatever device or computer your are using as this is necessary to update the game & update the numbers ticker. Due to internet connection issues at some location which Go2fete has no control over you may be required to refresh your game page to make sure you have the current updates.
  11. If you win a game the promoter contact info will be posted on your My ticket page on your account. For local winners prizes will be paid next working day & regional or international paid vid bank or card payment to varified account information provided. The promoter will anounce final game winners after the games as some winners may have issues submitting BINGO wins due to internet issues.
  12. Boxoffice ticket purchase, Only purchase ticket at the authorize Box offices & please provide your email to the agent, please confirm that you receive the email & check the go2fete mobile app to make sure you have your ticket to avoid issues when accessing the games.


  • Website Downtime
  • Whilst our website is extremely reliable, we cannot guarantee that it will be running 100% of the time, and we cannot guarantee that all functions will be available 100% of the time. We have no control over local & international wifi & internet connection issues. 
  • In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage resulting from downtime or changes in the functionality of our website.
  • If you are planning an important bingo game then it is essential you make plans for the possibility that our site will be down either before or during your game.

  • In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage resulting from printing our bingo cards.

Refund Policy

  • We do not offer refunds if you are unhappy with bingo cards you have paid for.
  • We strongly advise you to check your bingo cards carefully before the game starts. Cards will be available minimum 1 hours before the game starts. In case you spot any mistakes please contact support @ or using the contact link on the bottom of the play page.
  • The Play Game link can be accessed at the link once you have a active BINGO ticket 
  • To access game log in with your email & password for your account on the web site, You will also receive an email after purchasing your BINGO ticket with instructions on how to access thhe game. The game can also be asscess using our mobile apps, which can be downloaded from our website.

Bingo Card Generator

  • If you create bingo cards using our BINGO create form they will be stored on this website to allow you and other people you share the link with to access them in future. We reserve the right to remove stored bingo cards at any time.


Customer Inquiries


All customer support is handled by the online message system except for those events using the PayPal checkout, in which case all customer support and refunds are handled by the event producer. Please contact customer support by clicking the Contact Us link at the bottom of the website and use our online message system to send a message to Customer Support. All inquiries related to attended events must be made within five days following the event.



Print-At-Home tickets must be presented at the event. To print out your ticket, please visit your My tickets on your profile page or email sent to you or the ticket buyer. You may also present your Print-At-Home ticket using a smart phone and visiting your account purchase history. Duplicate tickets or QR Codes may be refused on entry.

Keep all your tickets on your phone.






Release of Liability is not affiliated with the events or event sponsors and will not cover losses or damages arising from your voluntary participation in the events, including claims for personal injury, or damage to personal property, or any other claims for negligence on the part of the events or event sponsors. By purchasing the tickets through, you hereby release and forever discharge, and its officers and agents, from any liability or claims for damages that may arise as a result of your attendance and participation at the events. It is hereby understood that the purchase of tickets by you and your participation in the events shall not be construed as an assumption on the part of of responsibility, liability, or control of the events.