Effective Marketing Masterclass

Every Saturday

Time: 09:00 am - 01:00 pm

Online Interactive Class


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This Effective Marketing Masterclass will be an interactive, 1-day session that will empower you with the tools necessary to transform the way you market your business. Create ads that stand out and capture attention while using strategies to target your ideal customer.

We understand the critical position that your business is in right now and we want to help! We want to teach you everything that you need to know so that you feel confident.

The curriculum for this one day study will include:

  • What marketing is and it’s role for your business 

  • Determining who your customer is, creating market segments and determining your target market

  • How to influence consumer perceptions and their behaviour

  • The role of design in your marketing strategy

  • Determining the best marketing channels for your business

  • How to communicate effectively through key message development

  • Go-to-market planning for campaign management

  • Social Media tips and tricks that you can take advantage of

What you can expect

  • Interactive face-to-face discussions

  • Breakout rooms to facilitate activities about your business

  • Questions and polls

  • Fun games

  • You get a copy of the presentation

  • You get a Certificate of Participation


Don’t miss this opportunity to gain the knowledge that will allow you to position your business ahead of your competitors and in front of your customers.


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