Lower Fuel Charge Triggers Decrease in Electricity Costs Lowest electricity price in more than two years.  lowest prices 
 Good news! As world fuel prices continue a downward trend, customers are benefitting from decreased electricity costs. 

The 30% discount from the Government of Grenada and Grenlec for three billing cycles is in addition to the decrease in fuel costs.  
 decrease to 41 cents Fuel Charge In April, the fuel charge decreased to 41 cents. This represents a 10-cent reduction from the price in January 2019. The current fuel charge is the lowest since January 2018.    
 increase 3 cents Non-Fuel Charge While fuel costs have fluctuated over the years with world fuel prices, the non-fuel charge for electricity has increased by less than three cents over the last 25 years. The non-fuel charge is the portion of the bill that covers Grenlec’s administrative costs as well as maintenance of equipment and infrastructure.    
 lowest electricity price Lowest Electricity Price The lower fuel charge, coupled with the non-fuel charge, means that Grenlec’s customers are paying the lowest electricity price in more than two years.    
  Fuel Costs from 2018-2020 fuel charge changes    fuel charge chart   More information on current rates is available on our website.
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